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 I just knew life was meant to be more grand than this

I was the kid in the outfield picking flowers, the one in the goalie box doing cart wheels, the kid who was referred to as happy and free!

20 years later and what the hell happened?!?

I was

depressed, overweight, couldn’t commit, and moving cities and towns at the drop of a hat.

On the outside it seemed great! I spent 6 years in the Air Force, was a certified EMT, Real Estate Agent, Government Contractor, and about to finish up my bachelors degree.

All that “success” and I didn’t know who I was anymore and how I had gotten there.

I had a freaking come apart!

I was the poster child for faking it till you make it! I knew something had to change…

I spent the next few years getting my crap together and realllyyyy learned who I was. I got my graduate degree from NYU, became a therapist, and started living life on my terms, not anyone else’s or what my idea of what life was 

I turned it around, I did the hard nitty gritty work and it was freaking hard! I took my experience and skills, tools, and knowledge as a therapist and transitioned into coaching. Giving my students what I lacked during my come apart, the ability for rapid growth and transformation to start living life on their terms!

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